PQQ (Pyrroloquinoline Quinone), 20mg, 60 Capsules

PQQ (Pyrroloquinoline Quinone), 20mg, 60 Capsules
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Dr. Becker's BioNutrients PQQ - PQQ or Pyrroloquinoline Quinone protects cells in the body from oxidative damage and supports the metabolism of energy and healthy aging. It promotes cognitive health and memory by combatting mitochondrial dysfunction and protecting neurons from oxidative damage.
Since mitochondria produce energy for the cell, and PQQ helps mitochondria work more efficiently, there is an overall increase of energy within your cells. ... If you struggle to have energy to make it through the day, or you experience fatigue or lethargy, this added boost of energy from PPQ will be important to you.

PQQ offers Nutritional Support in these amazing ways!
PROMOTES MITOCHRONDRIAL BIOGENESIS - PQQ promotes the biogenesis of cellular mitochondria as well as supporting their efficiency at energy production.

PQQ improves blood circulation and cardiac function, supporting energy production in the heart and providing powerful antioxidant protection. Studies indicate that PQQ can also promote recovery from heart attacks and reduction of infarct size.

PQQ nutritionally enhances cognitive function and improves short-term memory. It can help the brain to prevent memory loss and cognitive decline due to age and neurodegenerative disorders. With its ability to naturally restore damaged brain and nerve cells, it has also been shown to promote recovery in cases of stroke and cerebral infarction.

PQQ nutrionally aids the liver with fat metabolism to break down more fats and convert into greater energy output. It may also play a role in reversing acute and chronic liver injury, including damage from fatty liver disease.

Dr. Becker's BioNutrients PQQ provides you with a superior quality product of this amazing nutrient to support cellular energy and overall mitochondrial biogenesis.*

RECOMMENDED USE: Take 1 capsule daily with food

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